Price Rise update

To our valued customer, we as a company would like to keep you informed of issues that have arisen which is out of our control.

1. As there is a shortage of shipping containers, local and overseas. We are currently experiencing longer than usual delays, which we as a company don’t want nor could we predict. We are focusing on all possible solutions and actively working with transport companies and our suppliers to find alternatives.
2. Since August 2020 the shipping costs have doubled and then doubled again in Sept-Oct, shipping is at a historical high 5-6 times of the normal rate, depending on the port. As a company we have been bearing the cost increase and treated this as a temporary/seasonal spike. However, from all our sources we have found this might continue for a period of time, at least till next July. Thus, we have had to make the decision to increase our prices with huge regret. However, this will not affect our current customers/orders. All those orders we will honour, so customers can rest assure that even we might have some lost on their orders we as a company will still deliver their van to the highest standards.
3. The new price rise will come into effect from the 17th December, 2020. Any orders placed prior to this date will be given the old price. Interstate cash back will still remain at $500 and referrals will also remain at $300.

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