Off-road Caravans that have been tested in SA, improved by us & our customers and used by our own families & friends.

Quality Off Road Caravans for Sale In Adelaide

Even the most free-spirited, widely travelled person in the world once had a place to call home, and the same is true of the vehicles we live in when we travel. In the case of Prime Campers, home is the factory showroom in Wingfield, so it’s not surprising that you will find offroad camper trailers for sale in Adelaide. Get yourself one and you’re on the road: to freedom, to wherever you want to go. You’re sure to find one that ticks all your boxes. Read More

Get on the Road with an Offroad Camper Trailer For Sale in Adelaide

We need the proper roads to get around this great country of ours, but once we’re in the general area of where we want to be, very often it’s the offroad locations that are the most interesting. And that’s the joy of getting an off road caravan in Adelaide, because Adelaide is just the start of the journey, and the rest of the itinerary is entirely up to you. If there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, for the scenery, the climate or whatever, fill your off road hybrid camper up with fuel and off you go. Australia is your oyster. And with all the variety we have at our disposal here in Oz, even a couple of hours with your foot to the floor can take you away from the humdrum reality of life and to somewhere where you can live a little. On the other hand, if you get halfway to where you intended and suddenly have a better idea, you can change course and head somewhere completely different.

How an Adelaide Off Road Camper Trailer can Make Life Easier

If you’re happy being the skipper of a big caravan, with your home already set up right behind you, ready to find your place for the night and unwind right away, then get yourself an offroad camper trailer in Adelaide and you’re all set. But if you want something a little easier to whisk around the roads, find an small offroad caravan instead. The way we make them, they’re quick to set up and, as if from nowhere, you’ve got yourself some living quarters.

One thing you won’t be lacking is quality, because we base all our models on a good, sound chassis, with great shock absorbers and springs, so the terrain doesn’t bother them too much and you can travel in comfort with any of our off road caravans for sale in South Australia. Once you’re in place, you can enjoy the very civilised trappings we include, from cooking and washing facilities to good-sized sleeping quarters. These vary from model to model, but the watchword is quality, so don’t worry about that. This is the 21st century and you won’t be roughing it in a shed on wheels. With our specially compacted insulation and air-conditioning units, you’re going to be either cool or warm, whichever you choose.

Camper For Sale In Adelaide – With Warranty

Buying a camper is an investment in your future – having freedom within arms reach means you can pack up and go for an overnight adventure, or even an extended tour of our beautiful country. No matter where you go, the best sights and experiences are always off-road. So when you’re looking for a camper for sale in Adelaide, make sure there’s a solid warranty in place.

Prime Campers covers you anywhere in Australia – so no matter where your journey takes you, you’ll never go off track with our pop-top caravans. On top of that, we’ll even find repairers for you, saving you time and a lot of hassle. There are no hoops to jump through, no agonising hours spent trying to access your warranty. It’s a simple process that delivers results quickly and easily.

Looking for something different, check out our hybrid caravans with ensuite or a family caravan if that’s what you’re looking for.

Where will I find the best Off Road Caravans in Adelaide?

You can call us to discuss what you need, or just show up at our factory showroom in Wingfield and see for yourself. You find a helpful, knowledgeable member of our sales team ready to talk you through the options and you can check out the feature and the quality of our off road caravans for sale right there in Adelaide. We also have off road caravans for sale in Brisbane if that’s nearer for you. So call us or come on down and let’s make this dream a reality. Read Less




  • Body Frame Fully Welded to Running Chassis

  • Monroe / Lovell Suspension


Steel & Aluminium Structure Frame, Fully Insulated Body – No Timber, No Staples, No Worries;


Refined Design – Full fibreglass roof and body, Superior insulated body and extension.


  • Free 500W Solar Power 

  • Free Victron Bluetooth Chargers

  • Free Reverse Cycle A/C

  • Free Awning with Walls*

  • free Inbuilt Hot Water System

  • FREE Ensuite & External Shower


We listen to our customers and work hard to improve our campers, so all you need to do is to enjoy.

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