Hybrid Caravans that have been tested in SA, improved by us & our customers and used by our own families & friends.

The Open Road Beckons: Hybrid Campers for Sale in Adelaide

Hybrid is a funny word to many people. We’re used to it more these days because it describes that kind of vehicle that runs on electricity but has an internal combustion engine for when the electric power finishes. But that is not really what hybrid means -; it’s just one application of the term. The word comes from a Greek one that means mongrel -; a dog of mixed breeds -; and that’s a lot less attractive and sophisticated-sounding. So, when talking about a cross between a caravan and a camper trailer, let’s stick with hybrid. After all, if you find a hybrid caravan for sale in Adelaide, that’s a good thing. We’re talking about hybrid caravans for sale that combines many of the attributes of a full-blown caravan with the less grand but very handy characteristics of a camper trailer. Read More

Where can I find a Hybrid Caravan in Adelaide?

You’ll find plenty of them if you know where to look, and that place is the Prime Campers showroom in Wingfield. We make them right here in South Australia, so it makes sense that if you’re looking for a hybrid camper for sale in Adelaide, you’re going to find a ton of them. Many tons, in fact – but not as many tons as would be the case if they were normal caravans. One of the advantages of our hybrid caravans in Adelaide is that they’re lighter than fully-fledged caravans, and that makes a big difference on two counts: they’re easy to tow, so the driving is less stressful, and the vehicle that’s towing them uses less fuel. Less stress, less expense: what’s not to like?

Does a Hybrid Camper in Adelaide Have all the Facilities?

There’s got to be some give and take here, and the compromise is that for the reduced size and weight there isn’t the scope for all the stuff you get on a full caravan. This is especially so for off road compact campers that we also sell. Each of our models has a different spec, so in order to find which one contains all you need and which ones don’t, you’ll need to study the details. Or ask a salesperson. That’s what they’re there for, and ours are as friendly as they are knowledgeable – which means very.

More and more these days we’re being encouraged to look everything up for ourselves, and that can give us a head start when it comes to choosing things. However, with a major purchase such as buying a hybrid caravan in Adelaide, there is nothing like talking to someone who knows the subject, someone who has helped plenty of customers already and has a good idea of what is suitable for whom, and who likes this way of life anyway and can give you some first-hand advice.

So How Do I Purchase a Hybrid Caravan for Sale in Adelaide?

Contact us, that’s all you have to do. Whether you’re just thinking about hybrid campers in South Australia and need some information and advice, or if you’ve made up your mind that this is what you want to do, you’ve done your sums and know what you’re going to do about finance, get in touch and let’s help you along. You can call us, drop us an email or, ideally, pop in and see our hybrid caravan for sale in Adelaide in Wingfield. Or if it works better for you, check out our hybrid campers for sale in QLD. We can answer all your questions, maybe suggest things you haven’t thought about, and generally give you whatever assistance you need. Then you can get out there on the open road, the monarch of your own ever-changing domain. Read Less




Steel & Aluminium Structure Frame, Fully Insulated Body – No Timber, No Staples, No Worries;


Refined Design – Full fibreglass roof and body, Superior insulated body and extension.


  • Free 500W Solar Power 

  • Free Victron Bluetooth Chargers

  • Free Reverse Cycle A/C

  • Free Awning with Walls*

  • free Inbuilt Hot Water System

  • FREE Ensuite & External Shower


We listen to our customers and work hard to improve our campers, so all you need to do is to enjoy.

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