Small Offroad Mini Caravans that have been tested in SA, improved by us & our customers and used by our own families & friends.

Discover Mini Caravans in Australia: Embrace the Era of Compact Camping

In today’s world, small is the new trend, and nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of camping and caravanning. If you’re in search of compact caravans or tiny campers for sale, you’re in the right place. At Prime Campers, we offer a selection of micro caravans designed to maximize comfort and efficiency.

Big is Not Necessarily Beautiful: Small Off Road Camper Trailers Are The Business

Most people like to live in a fairly big house – it’s what we associate with wealth and success. But when your home for part of the year is a mobile one, suddenly bulk doesn’t automatically seem like such a good idea. Maybe something less than the size of an intercontinental truck would be better. After all, with a small off road caravan you can have all the enjoyment of the freedom that mobility brings, without the more challenging parts that involve getting from A to B. Read More

Of course, if you enjoy piloting a behemoth around the roads of our fair land, knock yourself out. But many of us would like to be able to enjoy the drive, and we can’t do that when we’re stressed about the sheer size of the beast we’ve landed ourselves with. And if the driver is stressed, that sensation is going to get passed along to any spouse, partner, friends or family who are along for the ride. That’s a recipe for a holiday in hell, even if hell can be somewhere different any time you want. There are compact off road caravans for sale that feature all the good stuff but less of the pressure of a usual size hybrid camper trailer. At Prime Campers, it is our vision to provide something for everyone, and cutting down on the exterior dimensions doesn’t have to mean missing out on the features.

This is the Age of Compact Caravans

Small caravan sales have gone through the roof in recent years and at Prime Campers, we have the best small off-road caravans you’ll find anywhere. And you will find them anywhere because small is beautiful and small is manageable. Thanks to the skilful use of space and some radical thinking by the designers, a tiny caravan can now be not just convenient but comfortable. All the amenities you take for granted, including a shower and a kitchen. Excellent insulation for temperature and sound control. Air conditioning.

All this and good looks too. We’ve got compact off-road caravans for sale that will draw admiring glances as you sweep down the road heading for who-knows-where. And the people giving you those envious looks are going to wish they were headed where you’re headed because clearly, you’ve got this thing called life all worked out. Free as a bird. And it’s true. With your little home in tow, you can go pretty much anywhere you want. Call up the map on your phone, pick your destination and take your hotel room with you.

Australia is and always has been a land of adventure, and a compact caravan is the key to the highway, the key to a whole world just waiting to be discovered.

Is There Still Plenty of Quality in a Small Off Road Caravan?

If it’s one of our small off road caravans in Australia, there is no loss of quality at all. We pay as much attention to the build, fixtures and fittings on our offroad compact campers as we do on their big brothers. It’s in our DNA.

It starts with the engineering, the infrastructure. We at Prime Campers want every one of our vans and trailers to be utterly reliable so you can take it anywhere you like and be confident it’s going to give you a smooth ride, or as smooth as nature will allow in whatever challenging environment you choose to visit. That means everything from chassis to shock absorbers and springs are top grade. Just pop by our showrooms to see our off road caravans for sale in Adelaide, or in Brisbane and be forever rest assured about our top notch quality campers.

Inside, we provide all the features we can pack in, like spacious sleeping accommodation, good cooking facilities and bathrooms that are sometimes better than their owners enjoy in their static homes.

Are There Compact Off Road Caravans for Sale With a Nice Interior Ambience?

Certainly. Ambience is not too fancy a word to refer to ours. We care about how our products feel and look. Take the insulation, for instance, because comfort starts with temperature. We compress our polystyrene insulation more than other manufacturers to increase the density, which in turn keeps the cold or the heat out and allows what we provide inside through air-conditioning to do whichever job is appropriate. We even insulate the floor. So you can have a small off road camper trailer that’s nice to be inside.

We have also addressed the ever-present issue of leaking joints between panels. Wherever possible, our caravans have solid panels, in the roof in particular. No joint, no leak. And we’ve paid particular attention to the seals around windows, tightening them up to ensure no gaps.

Unlocking the Benefits of a Tiny Caravan

Embarking on adventures across Australia has never been more comfortable than with our mini caravans. Despite their small size, these compact marvels offer numerous advantages. You can enjoy the luxury of standing up, relaxing indoors, and staying warm and dry, even in inclement weather. Plus, with reduced weight and wind resistance, you’ll experience a smoother ride and greater fuel efficiency, making every journey more economical and enjoyable.

Mini Caravans for Ultimate Mobility

One of the most significant perks of owning a mini caravan is the ability to access remote locations and narrow tracks that larger caravans cannot navigate. With our micro caravans, you can explore Australia’s hidden gems with ease, unlocking new adventures and unforgettable experiences.

How Can I Get Started on Choosing the Right One?

Ready to embark on your next camping adventure with a small camper for sale? Contact us today to learn more about our mini caravans in Australia. Our salespeople are very friendly and knowledgeable, so give us a call or use the contact option on the website and we’ll explain more about small dimensions and big quality. You can also head down to our showrooms to view our small off road caravans for sale in QLD or South Australia. Read Less



  • Body Frame Fully Welded to Running Chassis

  • Monroe / Lovell Suspension


Steel & Aluminium Structure Frame, Fully Insulated Body – No Timber, No Staples, No Worries;


Refined Design – Full fibreglass roof and body, Superior insulated body and extension.


  • Free 500W Solar Power 

  • Free Victron Bluetooth Chargers

  • Free Reverse Cycle A/C

  • Free Awning with Walls*

  • free Inbuilt Hot Water System

  • FREE Ensuite & External Shower


We listen to our customers and work hard to improve our campers, so all you need to do is to enjoy.

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