Off-road Pop Top Caravans that have been tested in SA, NSW & QLD, improved by us & our customers and used by our own families & friends.

Want to know more about Off-Road Pop Top / Pop Up Caravans?

Are you a lover of off-road adventures? Do you want to get out there and explore but you’re not quite prepared to give up your home comforts? We hear you and we have the solution! 

You might take your kitchen and bathroom for granted at home, but trust us when we say that a pop-top off-road caravan that’s kitted out with all the facilities you need will make your new space feel like a home from home and you will not take them for granted. Read More

The pop top is unique in that you can lower the roof when you’re on the move, and raise it when you’ve parked up for the night. The lowered roof makes travelling much easier due to reduced wind resistance, making the pop up caravan much easier to manoeuvre compared to models with fixed tops – a bonus if you’re travelling through rough terrain.

Pop tops are often cheaper than fully fixed roof caravans because they’re generally lighter with fewer permanent appliances. Worried about fuel consumption? The lightweight finish reduces petrol costs and gives you much further distance on a single tank. If you’re looking for somewhere to rest your head and prepare food while you explore the great open road, make sure you’re travelling with a Prime Camper’s off-road pop top in your rearview mirror such as our hybrid caravans with ensuite.

What’s The Best Hybrid Pop-Top Caravan For Off-Road Living?

Each caravan pop-top has its own unique benefits, so the best one will depend on the type of adventurer you are and the things that you need. 

For the adventurer who wants as much of a natural experience as possible, with few modern appliances – but somewhere safe to sleep and store resources, the GT-13C is perfect. It’s 13ft of premium construction, fully insulated with fibreglass inner and outer layers. The embedded aluminium frames mean you won’t have costly repairs that come with timber and rust-prone metals. On top of that, it’s incredibly lightweight making it the perfect hybrid pop top caravan for towing along rough and uneven terrain.

The external shower tent and kitchen free up room inside so you won’t feel pushed for space as you relax in your kingsize bed. There’s plenty of fridge space and storage space too, so you can stay well-stocked up on food and drink on your off-road adventures.

If you’re looking for a larger pop-top offroad caravan to tour the bush or remote beaches with friends or family, the GT-15F 6-berth caravan might be just the model for you. It comes with the same advanced construction design as the other caravans in the GT range, with the addition of extra beds – and extra space – to create a more luxurious and comfortable experience.

Take Your Pop-Top Camper Off-Road Hassle-Free

With Prime Campers you also get the added bonus of a 5-year warranty that covers you anywhere in Australia. In many cases, warranties demand that you take your pop up camper to a specific shop in a specific place – but not with us. We’ll organise your repairs for you at the nearest location and we’ll even cover the cost of your accommodation while you wait for the repairs to be made.

Choosing Prime Campers gets you a premium caravan at a competitive price, and gives you peace of mind that we trust our products enough to offer you the most comprehensive warranty available.

Take a look at our off-road pop-top campers and begin planning your adventures today. Read Less



Steel & Aluminium Structure Frame, Fully Insulated Body – No Timber, No Staples, No Worries;


Refined Design – Full fibreglass roof and body, Superior insulated body and extension.


  • Free 500W Solar Power 

  • Free Victron Bluetooth Chargers

  • Free Reverse Cycle A/C

  • Free Awning with Walls*

  • free Inbuilt Hot Water System

  • FREE Ensuite & External Shower


We listen to our customers and work hard to improve our campers, so all you need to do is to enjoy.

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