Off-road Hybrid Caravans that have been tested in SA, improved by us & our customers and used by our own families & friends.

Australia's Most Innovative Hybrid Offroad Campers & Caravans

Unlocking Adventure: Discover the Best Hybrid Offroad Caravans

Innovation often arises when diverse elements come together, much like the Swiss Army Knife or the camera phone that transformed into a portable computer. Joining this prestigious league of ingenious inventions is our exceptional off-road hybrid camper, the epitome of luxury and adventure. We invite you to explore the evolution of outdoor living, reimagined for the modern traveler. Read More

In the annals of outdoor exploration, early shelters were rudimentary, crafted from leaves and branches. Millennia later, the tent made its debut, offering basic protection from the elements. Fast forward to today, and advanced synthetic fabrics have transformed the possibilities. These materials revolutionized tents, making them lighter and more resilient with the introduction of frame construction.

In parallel, the automotive industry ventured into the world of mobile accommodations, introducing caravans and motorhomes. Yet, the two worlds remained separate until an anonymous innovator unveiled the off-road hybrid caravans in Australia, perfectly suited to our nation’s breathtaking landscapes. At Prime Campers, we are dedicated to bringing you the pinnacle of both caravanning and camping experiences. Explore our extensive range of models, renowned for their robust construction and precision engineering. Our hybrid offroad caravans prioritize your comfort and ambiance, boasting excellent insulation and top-notch air-conditioning systems. We also offer facilities that ensure you enjoy the comforts of home, such as spacious beds, hot and cold water, and even televisions.

For those who may associate camping and caravanning with minimalism, our products are here to challenge your perceptions. We firmly believe that we could entice even the most discerning adventurers with a weekend getaway that offers a close connection to nature and the lavish luxuries of the 21st century.

Elevate Your Adventure with Our Off-Road Hybrid Campers

Our innovative pop-up designs provide an ingenious solution to reducing caravan size similar to small offroad caravans during towing, addressing concerns about aerodynamics and fuel consumption. They also eliminate worries about low bridges, overhanging trees, narrow roads, and rough tracks. Towing becomes effortless when, upon reaching your destination, the roof effortlessly rises, expanding your living space and allowing the refreshing outdoor air to flood in. With amenities like showers and cooking facilities conveniently placed outdoors, our hybrid off-road camper trailers effortlessly tick numerous boxes, offering you a seamless blend of luxury and adventure. Embark on your journey with us and elevate your adventure to new heights with our hybrid caravans for sale.

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Off Road HardTop - Prime Tourer


I LOVE Full Off-Road Capability Air Con Comfort Plenty Family Sleeping Plenty of Practical Storage Easy & Comfortable to Tow Camping in Luxury Style

True Off-Road

  • Independent Suspension (Optional Airbag Upgrade)
  • MONROE / LOVELL Shock Absorbers & Coil Springs
  • TIMKEN / NTN Bearings & PENRITE Grease
  • Off-Road Designed Body Frame & Construction


Fibreglass, Compressed Insulation Roof, Walls, Floor & Body Extension, With Aluminium Structure Frame – No Timber, No Staples, No Worries;


  • Best-in-Class Thermal Performance 
  • Best-in-Class Energy Efficiency
  • Best-in-Class Air Circulation
  • Best-in-Class A/C Efficiency


  • Free Roof Solar Power 
  • Free Victron Bluetooth Inverter, MPPT, DC-DC
  • Free Reverse Cycle A/C
  • Free Electric Awning
  • Free Aussie Traveller Quick Anti-flap Kits with Walls 
  • Free Inbuilt Hot Water System
  • Free Lithium Battery System

Practical & Thoughtful

We listen to our customers and work hard to improve our campers, so all you need to do is to enjoy.

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