Off-road Caravans that have been tested in QLD, improved by us & our customers and used by our own families & friends.

All Roads Lead to Off Road Caravans in Brisbane

Off road is the place to be. It’s where nature is. It’s where peace and quiet meet fascination. But if you’re an experienced camping and caravanning type, you know that, and it’s probably what keeps you living this wonderfully natural lifestyle. Sure, planes and ships have their place in the grand scheme of things, but if you’ve got an off road camper trailer in Brisbane, you’ve got the advantage. In fact, you’ve got more advantages than Novak Djokovic. Particularly, that is, if you have one of ours. There is an off road caravan for sale in Brisbane that’s exactly what you need – and the brand is Prime Campers. Read More

I’m New to This. Which Off Road Camper Trailer in Brisbane Would Suit Me?

That depends on exactly what your requirements are, but one thing is for sure when you’re looking for an off road caravan in Brisbane or a off road compact camper, we’ve got what you need. And if you are new to this, don’t worry. We have a wealth of experience, and we like nothing more than showing off our range to new customers. That’s because we’re proud of our hybrid off road camper trailers, which we believe are not only the best quality on the market but the coolest looking too.

What are the Signs of Quality to Look for in an Off Road Caravan For Sale in Brisbane?

Australia is a great place to live if you like getting out and about under your own steam and without having to fork out for accommodation. Our off road campers in Brisbane are built to the highest specifications, starting with the very basics. The chassis is tough and properly engineered with a view to longevity. When you’re out in the back of beyond, you need something you can depend on, and we make sure you get it. That’s how we can offer the warranties we do. So, you’ve got a top-notch chassis, and we fit only the best shock absorbers and suspensions. That’s the basis of a good, sound unit.

Then we look at cabin construction and the lightweight polystyrene insulation that does the work in between the tough chequer plates that make up the walls, roof and floor. Our insulation is highly compressed to make it even more efficient, keeping the heat and the cold where you want them. If you’re in a hot area, the air-conditioning will keep you cool. If it’s a bit parky outside, it will keep you warm, and the insulation is what maintains the levels you want. We have also thought about where the air-conditioning unit and the vents should go, to achieve maximum space-saving and ensure rapid achievement of target temperature.

Seams are also important, or rather it’s important to have as few as possible because seams can mean trouble. So if, as on some of our models, the roof is a one-piece unit, that’s an obvious benefit. We also consider the floor, because there are temperatures under the camper or caravan too, and proper insulation keeps out what you want to keep out.

Where Can I Find the Best Off Road Campers and Off Road Caravans in Brisbane?

That’s easy: we’ve got a showroom in Brendale, staffed by people who love this lifestyle too. They know their stuff so all you have to do is give them an idea of the off road caravans you’re looking for in Brisbane, and they’ll show you what we’ve got. So, give us a call, drop us an email or come and see our off road caravans for sale in QLD.

Off Road Camper Trailers in Queensland: a Host of Choices in the Diverse State

There’s a lot said about diversity in Australia these days, and it’s mostly about the cultural diversity that’s so much a part of the country in this day and age. But there’s another kind of diversity, and it’s something Queensland has in abundance: diversity of terrain, environment and climate. That’s why if you’re looking for a new off road caravan for sale in Queensland, it’s important to choose the right one. Our off road hybrid caravans for sale in Australia come in various shapes and sizes, but they have one main thing in common: quality. And the fact is that one of them is perfect for you.

From rainforests and mountains to beaches and the Coral Sea, in this state, there are a lot of different environments – and that means temperatures. For that reason, all of our off road camper trailers for sale in QLD have been carefully thought through with your comfort in mind. Come rain, come shine, come cold, come heat, we make the conditions inside our units perfectly controllable. That comes from the air-conditioning – and we’ve revisited that to place the vents in the best places to circulate the temperature-controlled air as efficiently as possible. When you want it warmer it gets warmer in a jiffy and when you want it cooler, the mercury drops rapidly.

But aircon is only part of the equation: there is also the matter of insulation, so all that heating and cooling doesn’t go to waste. We use super-compressed polystyrene between our chequer plates, so when the thermometer reaches your optimum, it stays there. We use extra aluminium binding too, tightening things up around windows and doors, and we keep joints to a minimum because that’s where leaks and draughts happen.

Do New Off Road Caravans in QLD Come with Great Facilities?

Ours certainly do. It varies between models and according to size, but we at Prime Campers take these things very seriously. From spacious, comfortable sleeping areas and civilised washing and showering facilities to well-specified cooking units, we make sure all our campers for sale in QLD have all you need in your home away from home.

Which Off Road Caravans for Sale in QLD Would be Best for Me?

That depends on lots of things, and only you can decide. What we can do is show you all our off road caravans for sale in QLD and talk you through them. Tell us what’s important to you and we’ll show you the ones that sound like the best bet. That also includes the matter of ease of driving. Maybe you’re happy to pull along a full-size off road caravan, which obviously is going to have proportionally bigger facilities. If you’d be more comfortable towing something smaller, we’ve got small offroad caravans that will do the job for you.

Where Can I See the Best Off Road Camper Trailers in QLD?

We’ve got off road caravans for sale in Brendale, Brisbane, so come along and see for yourself. Give us a call or drop us an email first, if you like, so we can tell you what we’ve got that might suit you. The diversity of our range is a match for the diversity of the state, and of course, once you hit the road you don’t have to stop there. Do the whole country, see places you’ve always wanted to visit or just explore some of the great things on offer. We also have off road caravans for sale in South Australia if you’re around the area. Call us now and let’s get you started. Read Less




  • Body Frame Fully Welded to Running Chassis

  • Monroe / Lovell Suspension


Steel & Aluminium Structure Frame, Fully Insulated Body – No Timber, No Staples, No Worries;


Refined Design – Full fibreglass roof and body, Superior insulated body and extension.


  • Free 500W Solar Power 

  • Free Victron Bluetooth Chargers

  • Free Reverse Cycle A/C

  • Free Awning with Walls*

  • free Inbuilt Hot Water System

  • FREE Ensuite & External Shower


We listen to our customers and work hard to improve our campers, so all you need to do is to enjoy.

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