9 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Hybrid Caravan

When it comes to hybrid caravans, we all have our personal favourites for many different reasons. However, what works best for one traveller may not be the best option for others. The reason being, not all caravans are created in the same manner, and no one size fits all. Without a doubt, buying a new caravan is a long-term investment, and therefore, it is wise to take lessons from the mistakes of seasoned travellers.

In general, if you want to buy the best hybrid caravans for your next trip, asking yourself these four questions will help: Where do you want to travel to? What is the estimated duration of your trip? How frequently will you use the caravan? To whom will you travel?

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when buying a new hybrid caravan:

  1. Thinking Bigger is Better: It is evident for you to consider your comfort, considering the time you spend in your hybrid caravan. Picking something too small can make you feel claustrophobic throughout the trip. However, that doesn’t mean you should purchase the largest one available to you. Travellers usually compare the space inside a caravan with the space in their homes, without understanding that they spend much more time in their homes than in a caravan.Remember that a smaller caravan can be way easier to park and drive. Additionally, there might be length restrictions for camping at some places, so considering the size of your caravan makes sense when buying one.     
  1. Paying for Unnecessary Things: Many travellers purchase hybrid caravans that are ready for anything, but once they hit the road, they soon realise that their travel plans before the actual trip are more ambitious than what they can afford or require. Off-roading can lead to substantial damage that may require pricey repairs and take a toll on your journey.  
  1. Avoiding the Adventure Pack: If you plan for a one-off trip, you would want to have your caravan in great condition once the trip is over. On the other hand, if you’re going to use your hybrid caravan for regular holidays, you will never want it to break and leave you stranded in the middle of your journey. This means an adventure pack is a great choice as this gives you the peace of mind that your caravan is better guarded against stone-induced damage and can perform over rough surfaces in a better manner.  
  1. Ignoring the Kids: If you are taking kids along, they will need their separate sleeping spaces. Moreover, a washing machine becomes a necessity when you have untidy children on board. Small family caravans exist, but you should ideally consider additional space might required. One Air-Inflated Room (2.2×2.4m) could easily solve storage and additional sleeping area issues for a comfortable trip. If it’s just you and your partner, you can settle for anything between 12ft into 20ft. 
  1. Not Considering a Large Tow Car: Most 4wd & utes are rated to tow 3000 to 3500 kg, but it is merely the “Best Case Scenario” with some conditions; the actual capacity is a bit less when your load bay has a mini-fridge, spare fuel, generator, chairs, BBQ, table, kids’ toys and more. Besides, towing a caravan that weighs close to the prescribed limit of your tow vehicle is a mistake, especially if it is factory stock vehicle without any suspension/airbag upgrade. 
  1. Considering Price over Reputation: It’s usually recommended to buy hybrid caravans from an established brand that has earned the reputation of being reliable and customer-centric over the years. Respected brands very well know that they can lose more by trashing their reputation on their clients than what they will earn from short-changing their clients with poor sales and post-sales service.  
  1. Failure to Take Views of Other Caravan Owners: Before buying a hybrid caravan, it is never wrong to take out some time to go through different online caravan forums and read about the excellent and bad caravan buying experiences of other travellers like you. 
  1. Choosing a Poor Floor Plan: The first-time caravan buyers must consider the floor plan of their caravan. For example, your kids may need a separate area, you may be carrying some toys along, or you may have personal preferences like an open concept or distinct living spaces.Interestingly, some latest models come with retractable slides to decide how accessible your caravan interior will be while on the move. It’s essential to check if you can access the bathroom, fridge and bedroom with the slides in – as you never know how many times you will need to access these areas with the retracted slides while travelling.   
  1. Not Opting for Finance on a New Caravan: With countless options to choose from and the massive upfront cost can easily make your caravan buying experience an overwhelming one. Furthermore, paying from your pocket or choosing a personal loan can break your bank. Hence, it would help if you opted for a pre-approved loan, such as instant loan options for a hassle-free buying experience. Besides enhancing your buying potential, it will help you negotiate a better deal.

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