Lighten the load with a Ranger Commando

Lighten the load with a Ranger Commando

This was one of the comments made by James Storr who goes off road regularly with family and friends. After camping with five other families, three who had a camper trailer, he decided the benefits were far too great to ignore any longer.

James loves taking his family away on camping trips, but packing the 4WD with everything required to go camping meant a vehicle that was full to the brim, and everyone inside negotiating for space. This created reduced visibility for the driver which was a safety concern.Going away with the Ranger Commando camper meant that the car was lighter, less packed, more room to move and happier kids. It offered privacy, comfort, warmth and was a home away from home on their last trip to Skytrek Willow Springs Station in South Australia’s Flinders Rangers.

They tested the trailer over some rough terrain and the camper handled the bumps better than the 4WD! The Ranger Commando has independent suspension which meant that handling the terrain was a smooth and relatively uninterrupted experience, allowing James and his family to enjoy the view more than they needed to hold on to their seats. Shopping around, he found the Prime Camper trailers to be the best value for money with excellent specifications and quality fixtures and fittings throughout the trailer.

The lightness of this trailer (less than a tonne) and the ease of towing over 4WD tracks, means James and his family and friends, get away to South Australia’s wilderness much more than he did before.

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