Starting from $19,599, all of our camper trailers are Australian made to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. Their fantastic suspension makes them ideal for off-roading, with a one-piece chassis frame that has been hot-dip galvanised to improve exterior durability against rust, corrosion and abrasions. Each trailer boasts a fully functional kitchen arrangement with a 4-burner stove, fridge and sink. Our camper trailers make the ultimate travel companions! Hit ‘read more’ to learn about the Prime Campers difference.

Mighty 5

$42,599 or $170/week*

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Mighty 2

$35,599 or $150/week*

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Bravo 8

$22,599 or $78/week*

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Breeze 5

$19,599 or $66/week*

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Wonder 4

$20,599 or $69/week*

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Allrounder SS

$51,599 or $92/week*

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About Our Camper Trailers



Camper Trailers Adelaide

Features That Make a Good Camper Trailer

So, what qualities should you be looking for in camper trailers Adelaide? The answers are simple, and we follow a consistent checklist to maintain our reputation across the board. The qualities we’re talking about are:

  • Easy towing—light-weight, compact and simple to secure.
  • Ease of use—completely functional and easy to maintain.
  • Convenience—all the basic amenities and resources are accounted for.
  • Quick setup—basic set-up and pack-down methods.
  • Comfort—spacious, accommodating, dry, and warm.
  • Heavy duty— durable against outdoor elements and suited to off-road driving conditions.

Each of these qualities are considered in the design to counter stress, improve efficiency, and aid the overall road trip experience. We’re constantly putting ourselves in the minds of our consumers and coming up with innovative ways to address the shared camping struggles. All of our camper trailers Adelaide are backed by a 5-year warranty for peace of mind and quality assurance.

Why Trust Prime Campers Australia?

Since 2013, Prime Campers has been manufacturing camper trailers Adelaide to encourage South Australians to enjoy the great outdoors. The business has become renowned across South Australia, best known for the professional and friendly service provided by the team. We also specialise in design, repair, modification, and parts supply to cover all of your camping needs. Having outgrown our previous location, we now have a store located in Wingfield where customers can view our range. Our camper trailers have been designed to bring a new level of quality and functionality to the market. Ultimately, we want you to be able to take your little home away from home just about anywhere, because that’s the kind of freedom we look for in local travel! There’s so much to do and see in our beautiful country, and we want you to be able to experience it all with our camper trailers Adelaide.

Camper Trailers Adelaide
Camper Trailers Adelaide

Our Customer Feedback

Prime Campers Australia has received excellent feedback from our customers on our camper trailers Adelaide. In fact, some of these lovely people have even contributed to our blog page with stories of their off-road adventures. One couple shared details of their trip along the Oodnadatta track, which is known for rugged terrain and slippery slopes. The couple commended the ‘resilience’ and ‘solid suspension’ of our Xtreme 5 trailer. They also noted the great balance introduced by tough exterior, and luxurious interior. As intended, the trailer made the overall experience easy with minimal set-up and pack-down time. The coinciding images they provided showcase a group of happy campers enjoying the great Australian outdoors! Which is exactly what we intended with the Prime Campers range. To hear more stories like this, head over to our blog page and learn about how our camper trailers Adelaide make camping easy.

Come down to our Wingfield store and have a look through our caravans and camper trailers Adelaide. Our products provide a level of freedom that is unrivaled by hotels or cabins. With a portable home by your side, every weekend is a new adventure! Call us on (08) 8244 3345 to chat about the benefits.

*Payment plan, Finance criteria, T&Cs apply.