Starting from $19,599, all of our camper trailers are Australian made to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. Their fantastic suspension makes them ideal for off-roading, with a one-piece chassis frame that has been hot-dip galvanised to improve exterior durability against rust, corrosion and abrasions. Each trailer boasts a fully functional kitchen arrangement with a 4-burner stove, fridge and sink. Our camper trailers make the ultimate travel companions! Hit ‘read more’ to learn about the Prime Campers difference.

Mighty 5

$42,599 or $170/week*

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Mighty 2

$35,599 or $150/week*

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Bravo 8

$22,599 or $78/week*

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Breeze 5

$19,599 or $66/week*

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Wonder 4

$20,599 or $69/week*

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Allrounder SS

$51,599 or $92/week*

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About Our Camper Trailers



Camper Trailers Adelaide For Sale

Our Camper Trailers

If you’ve been looking for camper trailers Adelaide for sale, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the premium range on offer at Prime Campers. It’s made up of 6 customisable designs that have been carefully engineered to make camping easy. As keen campers ourselves, we’ve been able to identify what people need to bring that luxury edge of comfort to their experience. Here’s a sneak peek:

The Wonder 4: The Wonder 4 is a premium hard-floor off-road camper trailer. Despite being one of our most affordable options, this a highly functional trailer that can comfortably sleep a family of four.

The Bravo 8: Another one of our popular hard-floor off-road trailers is the Bravo 8—fully equipped with a kitchen and ample storage. Despite the light-weight and compact nature of the trailer, it can sleep up to 6 people! All our camper trailers Adelaide for sale are Australian made.

The Prime Campers Promise to You

Our camper trailers Adelaide for sale aren’t just a hobby purchase, they’re an investment. They’ve been designed to bring you years of joy and adventure that is simply unparalleled by hotels and cabins. You have the freedom to get up and go wherever you want, whenever you want. This is a fantastic way to get back in touch with nature and experience more of what our beautiful country has to offer. To make sure your experience is as fulfilling as we promise, all of our camper trailers are backed by warranty. We offer a 5-year warranty on all chassis and structural components for confidence and peace of mind. All of our campers and caravans have been engineered and tested to exceed the requirements of Australian Design Rules (ADR) and Vehicle Standards Bulletin (VSB1). For more information on our range of camper trailers Adelaide for sale, call on 08 8244 3345!

Camper Trailers Adelaide For Sale
Camper Trailers Adelaide For Sale

About Prime Campers

Our camper trailers are Australia-built by dedicated engineers. These engineers have refined the building process to come out with a premium range to facilitate outdoor adventure, with every little detail tailored to Australian conditions. We share your joy with every purpose, because knowing that we’ve encouraged more people to get out is the drive behind our work. We’ve now been in business for 6 years, and throughout this time we’ve incorporated new methods to optimise our range. Part of this process is communicating with our customers and learning about their experiences, so we’re always open to feedback. Prime Campers believe in working with integrity, honesty, passion and genuineness. If you purchase one of our camper trailers Adelaide for sale, we treat you like a VIP brand affiliate. We’ll offer advice, servicing, and come up with solutions to remedy any concerns.

Your Next Adventure Awaits!

If you’re ready to set off on your next adventure, stop by our Adelaide showroom for a browse! We’ll invite you to try our range and see first hand what all the fuss is about. We’ve also got a range of accessories available, so be sure to bring your checklist! Alternatively, call on 08 8244 3345 for queries about our camper trailers Adelaide for sale.

*Payment plan, Finance criteria, T&Cs apply.