Our Commitment and Guarantee

Robust Engineering
Premium Quality
Real Value
5 Years Warranty
Customer Service Excellence

Chassis & Structural

5 Years Warranty

The structural sub-frame, drawbar and undercarriage are the crucial parts of any road vehicle. All our campers and caravans are engineered and tested to comply with or exceed the requirements of Australia Design Rules (ADR) and Vehicle Standards Bulletin (VSB1). You can rest assured that your camper structural exceeds all engineering requirements of both longitudinal and vertical tension & compression as well as transverse thrust.
We are confident enough to offer 5-year structural warranty and we believe the structural longevity of our campers and caravans goes well beyond 5 years. Simply peace of mind and truly value for money. 

Tent & other fit-outs

1 Year Warranty

We are not shy to be upfront – one year warranty. Honestly, we feel a bit upset about this. It does not reflect either the quality of the parts we use nor our confidence in these parts. We offer 1 year warranty only because that is the warranty manufactures provided. The led lights, stainless steel hinges, steel door locks, over-centre latches, 8.8 grade high tensile bolts & lock nuts etc., we don’t think these will break in a few years time at all, we are more than happy to replace any fittings due to manufacturing defects to ensure your peace of mind.
Canvas is made in China, but it is one of those good-made-in-China ones. We selected a unique mix of 60/40 Cotton/Polyester on our canvas for multiple reasons:

  1. Durability. Polyester is strong, durable, and extremely long-lasting. It is the best for high-intensity activities, high temperatures, recreational outdoor fun, and heavy usage or wash and wear. Because it is the most durable of all fabrics. This is why it often seen in industrial work overalls and pans. The mix of polyester makes the canvas strong, durable, and extremely long-lasting, 
  2. Optimal balance of breathability and waterproof. Polyester is great on waterproof but not a breathable material whereas cotton works the opposite way. 60/40 mix of cotton and polyester, provides both breathability and light waterproofing, and it makes the tent comfortable to live in yet water resistant.
  3. Lightweight & Quick Drying. For the same durability and waterproofness, 60/40 mix of polyester and cotton will be lighter than pure cotton canvas. It simply makes the tent easier to open and close. When wet, it drys quicker and easier than cotton, ideal for camping and outdoor uses.
  4. Stretch resistant. Thanks to polyester again, the 60/40 mix canvas will not be stretched and deformed like 100% cotton canvas when under the pressure of water, poles, wind etc.. Our canvas will stay the shape like it was brand new.