Starting from $19,599, all of our camper trailers are Australian made to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. Their fantastic suspension makes them ideal for off-roading, with a one-piece chassis frame that has been hot-dip galvanised to improve exterior durability against rust, corrosion and abrasions. Each trailer boasts a fully functional kitchen arrangement with a 4-burner stove, fridge and sink. Our camper trailers make the ultimate travel companions! Hit ‘read more’ to learn about the Prime Campers difference.

Bravo 8

$22,599 or $78/week*

Camper Trailers Adelaide
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Wonder 4

$20,599 or $69/week*

Camper Trailers Adelaide
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Off Road Camper Trailer Hard Floor

Our Premium Range

Hit the road with Prime Campers for truly memorable camping. We have an incredible range of off road camper trailers hard floor, waiting be taken on your next adventure. Starting at $19,599, customers have a choice of six customisable designs that boast a range of inclusions to facilitate comfort. We’re talking spacious interior, fully equipped kitchens, and annexes that provide maximum privacy and protection from the elements. In addition to the comfortable and high-quality interior, our camper trailers all have hot-dipped galvanised chassis frames to prevent corrosion and rust. This feature is ideal for off roading, as high water exposure is common. To further accommodate off road conditions, our camper trailers have trailing arm suspension with dual shockers to glide over bumps. Call us to find out more about our off road camper trailers hard floor! Alternatively, you can visit our Wingfield showroom to try before you buy.

What else do Prime Campers have to offer?

There are so many great benefits that stem from purchasing your off road camper trailer hard floor from us. We provide servicing, payment plans, and have a range of accessories to enhance your travel experience.

Our servicing: We have a team of experienced technicians who confidently repair and service all kinds of camper trailers. They carry out modifications, restorations, electrical system upgrades, suspension upgrades, custom accessorising and damage repairs. Ideally, you should get your camper trailer serviced every 10,000kms.

Our Financing: We believe that every Australian deserves to live a life of freedom and luxury. To help our customers out, we have connections with a network of loan providers who will put an appropriate financial plan in place.

Off Road Camper Trailer Hard Floor
Off Road Camper Trailer Hard Floor

Prime Campers is one of the few Australian companies who actually make, sell, finance, and service off road camper trailers hard floor. Contact us for a quick quote today!

From a Place of Passion

There’s a few outstanding factors that set us apart from other distributors of off road camper trailers hard floor. The most important one is passion—we love camping too! All of our products have been designed to create a camping experience that is unparalleled by hotel suites and cabins. We’ve solved the common problems that people have previously experienced while camping with in-built solutions. Our products successfully encapsulate the magic of camping without compromising comfort and access to resources. As a result, we’ve tapped into the best of both worlds: luxury and adventure. There’s never been a better time to start living your best life on the wide-open roads! Pick up the phone and call us on 08 8244 3345 for all enquiries regarding our off road camper trailers hard floor. Our team provide personalised advice to accommodate your family needs.

The core values of our company are integrity, genuineness, accountability, innovation and teamwork. These qualities are reflected in every single product we put on the market, because we share the joy in your experience! Stop by our Adelaide factory showroom in Wingfield for a browse.

*Payment plan, Finance criteria, T&Cs apply.