Our hybrid camper trailers are custom-made for Australian conditions. We’ve poured decades of camping, 4×4 driving, and outdoor living experience into the design & construction of this hybrid camper range. The market-leading suspension system makes the campers ideal for off-roading, while the one-piece, hot-dip galvanised chassis frame insures the trailer against rust, corrosion, and abrasions. Each trailer boasts a fully functional kitchen arrangement (4-burner stove, fridge, sink), indoor & outdoor showers, a slide-out fridge, and a king size bed. If you love your off-road adventures but still want some luxuries, this could be the hybrid camper for you!

Mighty 5 – MT15S

from $40,999

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Mighty 2 – MT12S

from $32,990

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Hybrid camper trailers

The Prime Campers warranty

Our hybrid camper trailers have been specially designed for Australian conditions, in compliance with the requirements of the Vehicle Standards Bulletin (VSB1) and Australian Design Rules (ADR). Because we’re so confident in the durability and performance of our trailers, we offer a 5-year chassis and structural warranty. The sub-frame, undercarriage and drawbar are fundamental to the stability of a trailer. That’s why ours have been carefully engineered to meet all requirements outlined for tensions and compression (both longitudinal and vertical), and transverse thrust for optimal performance and safety. Our hybrid camper trailers have the ability to travel off-road, with no compromise on luxury. Whether you’re a first-time voyager or a retiree looking to kick-start the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to achieve—we’re confident you’ll love the Prime Campers range. They’re easy to set-up and guaranteed to provide life-long memories that can’t be matched by a hotel room.

The hybrid camper trailers range

We have hybrid camper trailers to suit all kinds of lifestyles and budgets. But whichever one you opt for, you can rest assured that you’re always getting the best value for money. For example:

Mighty 5: this powerhouse hybrid caravan is jam packed with features, and perfect for the family. Most notably, the Mighty 5 has a 300W roof solar system & regulator, electric awning with manual override, and a fully-enclosed annex (yep, that includes walls, floor, skirtings & poles). When you throw in a king size bed, internal & outdoor shower, toilet, 2x100L water tanks and a tv, you’ll almost want to move out of home, and move into this superstar hybrid caravan!

Mighty 2: Starting from $32,999, the Mighty 2 is a little more compact than it’s bigger brother; but this just makes it absolutely perfect for couples or small families! Once parked, the Mighty 2 takes just 2:30 minutes to completely set up. That means no more hammering pegs into hard ground or trying to fit tent poles through the shoulders of tents. Basically just roll up to your campsite and you’re ready to go!

How to make camping easy

If you choose to hit the road with hybrid camper trailers from Prime Campers, you’re in for a safe, sound, and hassle-free journey ahead. Exploring has become easier than ever before, and we’re continually following and implementing the latest market trends and developments to ensure our customers have a seamless road experience. From kitchen resources and storage, to suspension and protection, we’ve thought of every detail to offer both practicality and performance. The difference with us is that we love camping too! So, our designs also stem from first-hand experience. We take note of the challenges and come up with features and solutions that counter them. Our country has so much to give, so get your hands on our premium products and live the ultimate lifestyle first-hand. You can browse our range online or simply drop by our showroom in Wingfield for a personalised walk through our products.

Our hybrid camper trailers are much more than just a place to sleep at the end of the day. They’re the home away from home that enables you to experience luxury, comfort ad adventure all in one. Start planning for your next journey today!

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