The Prime Campers range of hard floor camper trailers has been carefully designed to conquer every kind of track. Rough terrain and harsh weather are no challenge for the hot-dip galvanised exterior and trailing-arm suspension. Our trailers are fitted with all the utilities you’ll need to comfortably enjoy your getaway, including 4-burner stoves, sink bowls and plenty of storage. Prices start at $19,599, and each trailer is backed by warranty for your peace of mind. For more info on our hard floor camper trailers, scroll down and hit ‘read more’.

Breeze 5

$19,599 or $66/week*

Camper Trailers Adelaide
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Bravo 8

$22,599 or $78/week*

Camper Trailers Adelaide
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Wonder 4

$20,599 or $69/week*

Camper Trailers Adelaide
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Allrounder SS

$21,599 or $92/week*

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About Our Camper Trailers



Hard Floor Camper Trailers

Prime Campers Offer Australia’s Number One Range

Have you heard of the hard floor camper trailers from Prime Campers Australia? We offer durable, modern, and accommodating trailers for the whole family. Our goal is to make camping easy for everyday Australians, because there’s far too much out there to discover. Camping is usually one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to outdoor adventure, because no one really wants to compromise comfort. There’s nothing like retreating to a warm, protected and comfortable home at the end of the day. So, why not experience the best of both worlds! Set off on your next trip with a portable premium home by your side. We’ve got all your amenities and storage covered to keep the team happy. Each trailer has been uniquely designed to satisfy different types of travellers. The Australian climate can be harsh and unpredictable, so get the protection you need from our hard floor camper trailers!

Find Your Ultimate Match

There’s so much of our beautiful country to discover, and there’s only one way to experience it. Learn about our hard floor camper trailers:

  • Breeze 5: This light and compact off road camper makes a fantastic travel companion. It’s fit with a cook top, sink, great storage and audio outputs to make camping easy.
  • Bravo 8: Similar to the Breeze 5, the Bravo 8 is designed for easy towing, convenience and comfort. The quick set-up size is ideal if you get caught up in rough weather, and there’s an extendable annex to maximise space.
  • Wonder 4: This premium off-road trailer is fully equipped with everything you’ll need for the great outdoors. You have the choice of a full canvas or air inflated annex, and there’s a 4-burner S/S stove to cook your catch of the day. Sleep off the day’s adventure in one of our hard floor camper trailers!
Hard Floor Camper Trailers
Hard Floor Camper Trailers

Trailer vs Tent

While every tent or trailer is different from the next, there’s still a clear winner when it comes to choosing your travel style. Our votes on hard floor camper trailers! Here’s a few reasons why our trailers are number one:

  • Camper trailers come equipped with everything you’ll need to experience the outdoors without compromising comfort and functionality. Cook tops, sinks, water and benches are all ready to use.
  • Nothing in life is cut-and-dried, especially camping! If you get caught in rough weather or can’t find clear ground to set up camp, a trailer is your saviour.
  • Did we mention that trailers are incredibly easy to set up? You’ll more than halve your preparation time! And you won’t have to lug around as much bedding and equipment.

These three simple points are real winners in our books. Have a look through our range of dependable hard floor camper trailers today!

Set Off on Your Next Adventure with Prime Campers Australia!

Our goal is to change the way South Australian’s travel. You can get your healthy dose of adventure, without losing sleep! Hit the road with one of our hard floor camper trailers and you’ll be one happy traveller for years to come. You can contact us with any enquiries on (08) 8244 3345.

*Payment plan, Finance criteria, T&Cs apply.